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Local Actions / Global Impact

The first-ever 24h press conference on positive climate actions


Because climate change concerns us all, wherever we live on this planet.

Because it is important and urgent.

Because positive actions inspire and prove that change is possible.

It is important to show what positive actions are possible and to inspire others around the world to adopt or adapt these solutions.

Every hour experts at different locations will present one (or several) innovative solutions and actions that have a real and proven impact.

Why This Initiative Is Like No Other

Positive Action 
No theoretical debates or doom and gloom speeches.
This initiative puts the spotlight on innovations and solutions

that have proven their effectiveness. 

This 24h press conference in multiple locations around the world sends a strong signal: climate change concerns us all, wherever we live on this planet! Now is the time to act.

Mankind has a unique capacity for innovation and creativity.
By stimulating collaboration and communication, new solutions can be replicated and implemented at unprecedented speed. Worldwide

Record-breaking event 
This is the World's longest press conference, lasting 24 hours.
It is the first press conference held consecutively and simultaneously in multiple locations around the world.
Is this important? Not necessarily, but it does get people's attention!


Global Reach and Impact

Every press conference will be live-streamed to the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate online platform.

Press clubs around the world will host one-hour press conferences, creating a single 24h non-stop event with a total of 50-60 press conferences.

At each press club, local viewing events will be organised, allowing to follow the different conferences held around the word during 24h.

Journalists, climate experts, political decision-makers, civil society leaders and innovators will be invited to attend at each location. 

Online interactions will be stimulated via live Twitter feeds.

Speakers, experts, panellists, journalists and participants will not travel around the world to meet at a single location. The decentralised multiple locations facilitate participation from around the world without any travel impact and pollution.

 Why It Matters 

The Time to Act is Now

We need to raise awareness that we are in this together, that we are all facing similar challenges, and that together we can speed up finding and implementing real solutions.

Solutions, only Solution!!

We are exclusively focusing on solutions.

On innovations and on concrete actions that can be implemented now.

To start having a positive impact. Now. Globally.

Is Anybody Listening?

The World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate is an effective communication hub for organisations, journalists, media and civil society to promote solutions to climate challenges around the World.


Oversight Council

  • EU Commissioners

  • EU MEPs

  • International Institutions

Academic Advisory Board

  • Academic researchers & experts

  • They will propose the innovators and solutions to be presented at the press conferences

  • They will moderate each press conferences, ensuring an orderly presentation and debate

Development Partners

  • Countries, companies and organisations that have a direct interest in the presented innovations and solutions

  • They sponsor the participation cost for the innovators 

  • They give a brief introduction at the press conference, setting the stage for the presentation of the innovators

Innovators & Pioneers

  • Companies and organisations that have developed disruptive solutions for climate-related challenges

  • They will present their solution, its benefits as well as the pitfalls that had to be overcome

  • They will project their solution's potential global impact and what it will take to implement it worldwide

Press Clubs

  • Numerous press clubs ensure this 24 hours non-stop press conference around the world

  • They each host a one-hour press conference and promote this global event to their national media and journalists

  • They can organise viewing possibilities during the 24 hours, inviting journalists, companies, researchers, investors and civil society actors to meet and engage at their facilities


About Us

A Press Club acts as a forum for meetings and networking within a community.

It is a place where debates on social, environmental, economic, corporate, diplomatic and societal issues are hosted. A Press Club is the place 'par excellence’ for an open dialogue with all concerned and interested parties on any given topic.

Press Clubs have thrived in Europe for over 150 years. Vienna (1859) and Birmingham (1865) being the oldest ones. Today, more than 150 press clubs are active around the world, organised in five federations: Overseas Press Club of America, Federation of European Press Clubs, ACP Press Clubs Federation, Worldwide Press Club Federation and the Asia Pacific Press Club Association.

The Press Club Brussels Europe (PCBE) is a joint initiative of the associations of international journalists based in Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region. It was launched in December 2010 with the aim of providing a forum for conferences and debates with and among members of the media. It now has close to 2.000 members and since its opening, over 1.500 events have been organized in the club, with more than 50.000 visitors.

Events are organised by embassies and permanent representations to the EU, trade and industry representations, associations and NGOs, lobby groups and international think tanks.

On the global scene, the Press Club Brussels Europe acts as a hub to promote partnerships with other press clubs around the world. It was instrumental in founding the ACP Press Clubs Federation. It currently holds the presidency of the European Federation of Press Clubs as well as the presidency of the IACP (International Association of Press Clubs) until mid-2020.


The World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate initiative was launched at the start of 2020. It is our way of harnessing the power of our networks and the media to raise awareness and contribute to finding and promoting real and disruptive solutions to our global climate challenges. We owe it to ourselves and our children.

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